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Where To Vote Nov. 4 - Trivalleycentral.com: News

4 - trivalleycentral.com: News Where to vote Nov. 4 By KAYNE CRISON Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc. To cast their votes on election (source) day, Nov. 4, Arizona City residents will kim kardashian pic have to report to one of two local voting (visit site) sites. http://martawebsite.blog.fc2.com Registered Arizona City voters who live west of Sunland Gin Road are in Precinct 09 Arizona City, and will cast their ballots at the AC Fire Station at 14022 S. Sunland Gin Road.
Source: http://www.trivalleycentral.com/arizona_city_independent/news/where-to-vote-nov/article_72d354ee-5ee1-11e4-80dd-c7d0ae49e09e.html

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